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Welcome to Rise Up Boards! We design our own boards and have been at the forefront of Paddle Boards for years.  We were one of the first to bring our custom boards to Southern California.   We have everything from surfing or cruising paddle boards.  All of our boards are lightweight all under 21 lbs.  Quick turning boards and have a nice concave allowing you to glide through the water with ease. 

We also have a few  electric scooters!

Thank you! 

They are all premium crafted boards for discounted prices! 

Rise Up Boards was created to combine our love of outdoor activities with creative pursuits.

    • We only sell products that we actively use and endorse
    • All products carried on this site have been personally selected and endorsed by Rise Up Boards.
    • We pride our selves on customer service, you will always talk to a person not an automated computer.
    • We have incentives and gifts.
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We designed our own Stand Up Paddle Boards.  They are high end performance boards at incredible prices.