What's Our Deal?

  • R.U.P. is an authorized distributor for all products that we carry
  • We offer free shipping for many products, unless specifically noted 
  • We will beat the price of  items from our authorized competitors 
  • We pride ourselves on providing rarely paralleled (we are only partially vain) top-notch customer service
  • We specialize in package deals.  Interested in buying products in different categories and hoping for a deal? We are happy to work with you
  • Please contact the manufacturer directly for any warranty claims
Rather than bore you with a bunch of words containing all sorts of legalese that you may not read right now, we decided to simply provide you with links to all policies. This way you are able to find the relevant link without needing a magnifying glass. Affiliates
  • If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please contact us for more information
  • More details coming soon!
Contact Info:
  • Store Hours: Everyday 8am - 9pm Pacific Time
    • Email: riseupboards1@gmail.com
    • Phone: 424-256-6010