Cardiff Skate S2 - Rise Up Boards

Cardiff Skate S2

$ 159.99
What We Think........
The Cruiser is recommended for:
  1. Anyone who likes to skate hard or more aggressively OR
  2. Anyone who likes the insurance of the extended warranty and has skated enough to understand the impact of upgraded bearings, wheels or brakes 
What They Say......... 
Cardiff Skate Co. has pioneered the category of bootless, strap-in skates. The S-series features the best brakes, bearings, and wheel quality offered by Cardiff Skate Company, as well as their longest warranty. The S1 is suited for either regular use or more aggressive riding. 
Tech Specs:
  • Super High Rebound (SHR) wheels with a Polycarbonate (PC) core
  • Best-Quality ABEC 5 (chrome ball bearings)
  • Orange anodized aluminum rails and brakes
  • 100MM/85A side wheels, 90MM/85A front and brake wheels 
  • Patented, spring-loaded Automatic Size Adjustment™ technology
  • Cushioned front strap made of EVA Foam, designed for superior comfort and durability
  • The S1 now includes a FREE set of two (2) Accessory Straps for additional ankle support when purchased through our Online Store!
Need To Know.......
  • What's the warranty? 1 yr manufacturer's warranty from date of purchase
  • What size is right for me? Please see the chart below
  • Are there any weight considerations? 45 lbs (min) -250 lbs (max)
  • How does this model compare to other CSC 3-wheeled skates?
    • The Cruiser is intended to offer an enjoyable high quality skate at a moderate price point.  The S line was created to be the performance line with upgraded components that a novice would not miss.  Cruiser is literally for kicking around and cruising, the S line offers the potential for more aggressive or performance riding.