HAKA  47" LONGBOARD 3  styles - VapeRide
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HAKA  47" LONGBOARD 3  styles - VapeRide
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HAKA  47" LONGBOARD 3  styles - VapeRide
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HAKA 47" LONGBOARD 3 styles

$ 209.99
Kahuna Creations is proud to announce one of the sweetest designed longboards ever created!   Originally hand painted by world famous North Shore Hawaiian artist Dennis Mathewson made in San Diego, California.  

The Haka Sea Dragon shape is 47" X 10" featuring a sweet taco concave shape with the old school surfboard moon tail treatment. The top design displays the Sea Dragon artwork; the bottom design features aqua-stained maple with the original Dennis Matthewson Edition Logo.

The Haka shape longboard is the ultimate in control, stability and soul riding. Easy riding for any beginner, and longtime shredders live for this kind of ride - as smooth as glass. The Haka shape features a mile taco concave for a great feel and responsive ride.  The sand application provides an amazing feel while still giving you the grip you need to shred. 

Dimensions: 47" X 10" X 1/2" (8 ply)
*Wheel color subject to change260 pound max recommended weight.
Quote from the artist..."Sea Dragon’s have always mesmerized me while watching them in the water. They effortlessly float and guide themselves through the currents with ease and grace. Yet, they avoid any entanglements or obstacles in their surroundings while they navigate on their journey. In Hawaii's art environment, I tend to focus on unusual sea life and animals not normally seen in art galleries, the Sea Dragon is one of those creatures. In addition, I gave him a bit of my own edgy style including some extra spiny points to add to his character."