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The Surge

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What We Think........

Love this board for cruising on a nice day. This board is ideal for freeriding and also excellent for cruising and less advanced downhilling. This board just rolls so smoothly underfoot and will build your confidence at high speeds. 

The Surge is recommended for:
    • FreeridingCruising, The Streets
    • Anyone who likes to keep moving, but either does not want the size of The Moko or wants to engage in some freeriding exploits, but does not require the flexibility of The Kick
What They Say......... 

The Surge is our freeride beast with flared nose and tail kicks that give you a footing at the symmetrical ends of the board like no other. The beefier drop-through deck gives the Surge more stability when sliding at higher speeds and keeps it rigid when pulling flatland tricks. The low U-concave platform is great for technical tricks like shuv-its manuals, g-turns and heel flips. The combination of a shorter wheel base than the drop and an equally low platform also makes it an awesome board for pushing around and enjoying your surroundings at any level!

The Details.......
    • Weather Resistant Deck due to the bamboo encasing that has a supportive flex.
    • Grip Tape is a blend of silicon carbide grit sizes to create an extremely coarse and grippy top to maintain footing
    • Puka AllBlack (Swiss made) ceramic bearings are ABEC 9 rated, but have further been abrasion tested in the driving wind and salt air of Hawaii Additional slide testing verified performance under high side loads.
    • Castle Trucks are made with the highest quality heat treated virgin aluminum with a 180mm cast in carbon steel axle.
    • Base Plate is set at a 45 degree angle for a balance of maneuverability and stability.
    • Stock Bushings are 87a durometer, which will be soft enough to carve smoothly but when tightened are stiff enough to maintain stability on small to medium hills.
Just The Specs.......
  • Size & Shape:
    • L x W x Th: 38" x 9" x .5"
      Wheelbase: 28.5 inches
      Weight: 8 lbs 12 oz
      Thickness: 0.625 inches
      Concave: Mid U
      Camber: Flat
      Grip: Coarse
  • The Set-up:
    • 38″ 2 ply V-lam Bamboo with 5 ply Canadian Maple Core.
      Silicon carbide clear grip
      Castle Trim 180mm 50º reverse kingpin trucks
      Puka 71mm x 52mm 78a wheels
      Puka AllBlack Ceramics bearings