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Voile Objective BC Skis

$ 695.00


Inspired by skimo racing, the latest members of our ski family place an emphasis on fast ascents and long-distance travel. They reside somewhere between our WSP and Vector skis.

Witness the new Voilé Objective BC.

Equally at home atop The Haute Route or on a long jaunt in The Catskills, these skis are light enough to go the distance and stiff enough to hold an edge on boilerplate. They won’t exactly shine in deep powder, but many an East Coast skier will likely press them into service at their local ski resort.

And as for the Voilé Traction Pattern Base, you already know the deal with that, right?


Lightweight Paulownia Wood Core
2 Carbon Fiberglass Layers
Durable Polyamide Topsheet
1.8 mm Steel Side Edges
Rockered Tip


Length (cm) 164 171 178
Tip Width (mm) 112 115 117
Waist (mm) 80 82 84
Tail Width (mm) 97 99 102
Radius (m) 18.0 18.5 19.5
Pair Weight (lbs-oz./kg) 4lbs 3oz / 1.90kg 4lbs 10oz / 2.10kg 5lbs / 2.27kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg) 90-140