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$ 479.00
What We Think.....
    • The venerable platinum standard for vaporizing. Easy to use, efficient, amazing flavor
    • We love the ability to not have to vape an entire bowl per session. Fill up a balloon as much or as little as you like. You should get 4-6 balloons per session, completely at your pace
    • It is hard to overstate the simplicity of use and the lack of upkeep needed. You will not question the durability after using once.
    • Bang For The Buck Scale = Great
    This is for you if you.....
      • Want a simple to use vape that produces thick & tasty clouds OR
      • Prefer a desktop, but desire the freedom to move around your house when vaping OR
      • You are a heavy, medium or a moderate user and want a premium time-tested unit  
    What They Say....... 
    The VOLCANO Vaporization System consists of a hot air generator - the vaporizer - and a valve attached to a refillable plastic balloon. You have the choice between two vaporizers, the VOLCANO DIGIT or the VOLCANO CLASSIC.
    Both VOLCANO Units come encased in a durable stainless steel body. Care has been taken to select odor-free and food-safe materials. Both the high-performance heating cartridge and the powerful air pump can withstand the toughest load levels while working for years, maintenance free. An independent temperature fuse, Air Filter and silencer are included in our patented VOLCANO Vaporizers, as is a specially designed aluminium heat exchanger, which brings the air both cleanly and reliably to the desired temperature.
    The VOLCANO DIGIT features an extra large LED display that informs the user of the precise operating temperature. The VOLCANO CLASSIC relies on a dial to more generally adjust the heat setting. The EASY VALVE balloons are super simple to use and features preassembled Balloons that simply require to be filled with air from the volcano to be used.
    Good To Know.......
    • Design & Function:
      • Vaporization temperature adustable between approx. 104°F and 446°F 
      • DIGIT = Extra large, digital LED display with set and actual temperature; Precise electronic control with temperature accuracy ±2.7°F; CLASSIC = rotary dials spanning temperature ranges
    • Size & Power:
      • 110-120v; must be plugged in to use
      • 7.9 x 6.1 x 2.4 inch inches; 1.5 lbs 
    • Creature Comforts:
      • Functions equally well if bowl is fully packed or lightly packed; only certified food grade materials. 
    • In The Box:
      • 1 pc. PLENTY Hot Air Generator, 
        1 pc. Filling Chamber,
        1 pc. Mouthpiece, 
        1 pc. Cooling Coil,
        1 pc. Liquid Pad, 
        3 pcs. Normal Screen, 
        2 pcs. Tubing Section (long), 
        2 pcs. Tubing Section (short), 
        1 pc. Cleaning Brush,
        1 pc. Herb Mill,
        1 pc. Instructions for Use.

    Manufacturer's Warranty Policy (36 Months from date of purchase) & Instruction Manual